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While the rapid growth of the global tech industry was hindered by the pandemic, the social aspect seems to be making a long-awaited comeback in 2022. Previous years brought a lot of uncertainty, as many digital advertising events were postponed, canceled, or moved fully online.

While there are plenty of benefits to digital meetups, there is no denying that live events provide unmatched networking opportunities. This year, thanks to loosening restrictions, many key organizers are gearing up to bring back the digital marketing events as we know them from before. 

Media buyers, entrepreneurs, business owners, and agencies are all looking for insights, experience, and most importantly, networking opportunities. To ensure no deadline is missed, it’s best to make a list of potentially valuable events ahead of time. 

To make it easier, we’ve listed summits, conferences, and expos that are not only relevant to the programmatic industry but also worthwhile to attend for anyone interested in growing a brand in a digital space.


NRF 2022 Retail’s Big Show

The NRF 2022 Retail’s Big Show conference brings together representatives from retail companies all over the world. This event is not limited to digital marketing. The sessions cover a wide range of topics, from entrepreneur and investment advice to innovation and opportunities. The NRF Big Show is an experience tailored to retail visionaries.

Since 2018, the event organizers have put greater focus on showcasing new technologies from both online and offline retail spaces. Consequently, a part of the event is dedicated to budding solutions that aim to revolutionize the retail space. 

What? NRF Retail’s Big Show 2022
When? 16-18th January
Where? New York

RampUp 2022

RampUp is a conference where marketing technology enthusiasts meet to discuss the future of the industry. The 1.5-day event encompasses sessions on dealing with the most pressing digital marketing issues as well as strategies on improving data handling, partnerships, and performance optimization strategies.

This year, RampUp will be happening in hybrid mode. What’s more, all participants will be given the possibility to access the sessions online, regardless of whether they participated live or online.

What? RampUp Liveramp Summit
When? February 28 – March 1
Where? San Francisco 
mwc barcelona

Mobile World Capital (MWC)

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an annual event dedicated to the mobile communications industry. The participants usually include such technological giants as Facebook, Nokia, Ericsson, Intel, LG, or Vodafone. The theme for 2022 is Discover Connectivity Unleashed and the event is directed at business and marketing professionals from the mobile advertising sector.

While two previous editions encountered hiccups and presenter withdrawals caused by the pandemic, this year, the event is anticipated to meet the standard of the pre-pandemic editions, while offering the added benefits of the hybrid model.

What? Mobile World Capital Barcelona
When? February 28th – March 3rd
Where? Barcelona

The date of the MWC Los Angeles Edition is yet to be announced, while the MWC 2022 Shanghai Edition will be happening June 29th – July 1st. 

affiliate world

Affiliate World Global

Affiliate World Global is the official offline meeting place for affiliate marketers from all over the world. The conference intends to focus on all things affiliate marketing, with special emphasis on Facebook ad tracking, lead generation, eCommerce, and additional sessions on pressing topics such as email marketing, native advertising, or chatbots.

This edition of the Affiliate World conference will actually combine two previously canceled events – Affiliate World Europe 2021 and Affiliate World Asia 2021. All attendees receive a special pass to replay sessions online for 3 months after the event.

What? Affiliate World Global
When? February 28th – March 1st
Where? Dubai
What? Affiliate World Europe
When? Summer 2022, TBA
Where? Barcelona
What? Affiliate World Asia
When? TBA
Where? Bangkok
affiliate grand slam

Affiliate Grand Slam 

Affiliate Grand Slam is yet another digital marketing event that brings together the industry leaders, innovators, affiliates, companies, and businesses operating within the sphere of online marketing. While the in-person gathering is about scouting for business opportunities in the world of affiliate marketing, search and programmatic enthusiasts can still benefit from the shared knowledge.

With two editions – one in Dubai and the other one in Europe, the event tackles such topics as digital ad tech and upcoming technological revolutions, marketing automation, market trends, e-commerce, social media marketing, content creation, and many more. 

The 2022 editions are set to begin as planned.

What? Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai
When? March 20th – 22nd
Where? Dubai
What? Affiliate Grand Slam Malta
When? November 28th – December 2nd
Where? Malta 


LeadsCon is a meetup point for lead generation and performance marketing enthusiasts from all over the world. This digital marketing event offers its participants the opportunity to discover new business partnerships, gain strategic insights on performance marketing and lead generation as well as introduce practical solutions for dealing with the ever-changing market.

While most attendees of LeadsCon are lead buyers and agencies, this is an important event for agencies and marketing professionals from all corners of the online marketing industry.

What? LeadsCon 2022
When? March 21st – 23rd
Where? Las Vegas
affiliate summit

Affiliate Summit

Affiliate Summit is yet another conference with multiple locations. The conference revolves all around scaling online businesses in the fast-growing retail environment. The event is aimed at affiliates and media buyers working with the ecommerce industry but it’s also the perfect place to search for innovative ideas to grow your business. 

The affiliate summit is split into 4 in-person events although not all of them are planned to take place this year. 

What? Affiliate Summit East
When? May 24th – 25th 
Where? New York
What? Affiliate Summit APAC
When? TBA
Where? Singapore
What? Affiliate Summit West
When? February 7th – 9th, 2023
Where? Las Vegas
What? Affiliate Summit Europe
When? June 30th – July 2nd
Where? Online

Search and Performance Insider Summit 

Search and Performance Insider Summit is the first conference on the list that focuses strictly on programmatic marketing. This is a must-attend digital marketing event for performance marketers, agencies, and business leaders in search of technology companies providing the latest trends in programmatic advertising solutions. 

Previous editions of SPIS provided new insights into programmatic strategies after COVID-19. They also touched upon the ongoing changes in terms of growing privacy concerns. We can only expect the new edition to offer more valuable insights on the critical updates in the sphere of online privacy.

What? Search and Performance Insider Summit
When? May 18th – 21st
Where? Charleston

Digital Marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO)

The Digital Marketing Expo & Conference is an annual event gathering the best of the best from the digital marketing industry. This is the largest conference tackling the subject of digital advertising and the program is so varied as to appeal to any kind of audience. DMEXCO offers seminars, debates, expositions, and masterclasses. It also covers a wide array of marketing channels, including programmatic. 

Last year’s event didn’t shy away from topics like privacy changes, brand safety, and upcoming cookieless revolutions. It’s safe to say we can expect a lot more of that this year.

What? Digital marketing Expo & Conference (DMEXCO)
When? September 21 -22
Where? Cologne
traffic & conversion summit

Traffic & Conversion Summit

Traffic & Conversion Summit lasts 3 days and is packed with sessions straight from industry leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators. The agenda includes the staple of digital marketing, that is, future predictions, social and influencer marketing, content, email, automation, e-commerce strategies, and a corner for media buyers.

Whether you choose the in-person event providing an unmatched networking experience or the virtual digital marketing event that can be comfortably experienced from anywhere in the world, there is bound to be something valuable for all niches of the advertising community.

What? Traffic & Conversion Summit 
When? September 27th – 29th
Where? San Diego
digiday publishing summit

Digiday Publishing Summit

While the Digiday Publishing Summit is on the expensive side, the networking functions of the event are unlike any other. On top of three days of discussions and insights, attendees are granted two or four eight-minute sessions with publishing executives of their choice. The one-on-one meetings are what makes this digital marketing event special. 

The publishing summit will be happening in person. The differently priced passes vary only in the number of one-on-one sessions available and the benefit of early access booking. 

Note: September edition as well and the Europe edition are yet to be announced.

What? Digiday Publishing Summit
When? March 28th – 30th
Where? Miami


Brandweek is a conference from the leading source of digital marketing information – Adweek. The event, just like the rest of the platform, touches on topics from the advertising industry, such as innovative technology, content strategy, privacy issues, brand building, and anything in between. 

While the organizational details for 2022 are still tentative, previous editions included attendees from just about every sphere of life e.g. sports, social media, food, fashion, technology, transport, and many more.

What? Brandweek
When? September 12 – 16
Where? TBA
digiday media buying summit

Digiday Media Buying Summit

Digiday Media Buying Summit is another digital marketing event hosted by the Digiday crew. This time, focused on media buying, the summit will deal with challenges and opportunities the mid-pandemic world will bring to agencies as well as business and marketing professionals. 

Similar to the Digiday Publishing Summit, the event offers the unique benefit of accessing special one-on-one sessions with executives of one’s choice and the number of such sessions depends on the level of pass purchased.

What? Digiday Media Buying Summit

When? March 7th – 9th

Where? New Orleans 

What? Digiday Media Buying Summit
When? March 7th – 9th
Where? New Orleans 

Moscow Affiliate Conference (MAC)

While there is still little information on the 2022 MAC edition, last year’s event had around 3000 attendees and 2 full days packed with top agencies and media buying professionals. While the majority of attendees fall under the category of webmasters and marketers, programmatic newbies and gurus alike can benefit from the event.

The 2020 digital marketing event had to be postponed due to the Covid outbreak, however, the 2021 edition took place as planned and there are no issues anticipated for 2022 either.

What? Moscow Affiliate Conference MAC
When? TBA
Where? Moscow
digiday programmatic marketing summit

Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit

Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit is yet another version of the previously mentioned events by Digiday. This time, the focus lies solely on programmatic strategies. While third-party cookies are dying, programmatic marketing is changing rapidly. 

The leading experts of the industry will attempt to answer the most burning questions regarding the new programmatic landscape.

What? Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit
When? May 4th -6th
Where? Palm Springs
web summit

Web Summit

Web Summit has been called the world’s premier tech conference. In 2021, it brought together over 40k people including many senior leaders and technology pioneers of the vast webspace. The event is not limited to digital advertising but focuses on the whole online entertainment industry, including eCommerce. 

Last year’s topics included such niches as advertising, crypto, gaming, investment, leadership, sport, social media, and many many more. In short, there is no company that wouldn’t fit the criteria to benefit from this conference. 

What? WebSummit
When? November 1st – 4th
Where? Lisbon
ecom world

eCom World

Ecom World is the largest e-commerce conference that comes exclusively in an online form. It deals with the topic of leading and growing an e-commerce business from the ground up. Consequently, the topics cover every aspect of such an operation, including customer service, store design, brand building, and advertising (including search advertising).

It’s possible to attend as a solution provider or a freelancer, brand, or e-commerce store. The difference between the kind of ticket is the option to get featured on the marketplace, plus prolonged access to conference benefits.

What? eCom World
When? May 4th – 5th
Where?  Online
hero conf

Hero Conf 

Hero Conf is a meeting place for brands, agencies, and SaaS companies from all over the world. The event is aimed not only at professional-level enterprises but also at freelancers and affiliate marketers that are only getting into the business. PPC advertising is the theme of this conference.

Hero Conf comes in two editions. The schedule for the Austin event is already out and it includes such topics as Programmatic Advertising for PPC Experts. So, while this isn’t strictly a programmatic event, it will be useful for business and marketing professionals who want to expand their knowledge.

What? Hero Conf Austin
When? January 31st – February 1st
Where? Austin
What? Hero Conf London
When? March 14th – 15th
Where? London
searchlove conference

Search Love Conference

The Searchlove Conference is a two-day event offering all kinds of skill-building workshops. Despite the name, the conference covers a much broader range of subjects than search. From SEO, analytics, and customer experience to email marketing, search and Google algorithm updates, Searchlove provides value to anyone from the digital marketing sphere.

Searchlove comes in three in-person editions. What’s more, all attendees can access the slides after the conference or opt to purchase a special video ticket that grants access to conference recordings.

What? Searchlove San Diego
When? March 24th – 25th
Where? San Diego
What? Searchlove Philadelphia
When? June 20th – 21st
Where? Philadelphia
What? Searchlove London
When? October 17th – 18th
Where? London


DigiMarCon is the largest digital marketing conference series in the world. The lineup of events includes 40 separate events in 18 different countries. When it comes to topics, there is no specific focus point. Everything connected to media, advertising, and marketing gets its fair share of attention. 

While not all events will have their online counterparts, DigiMarCon enthusiasts who can’t or won’t be able to attend the events can still benefit from a special online edition. 

We won’t be sharing the full lineup here due to a large number of events, but the full list of conferences with dates and locations can be accessed here.

moz con


MozCon is a conference for SEO professionals that also touches upon other topics from the online marketing sphere. Agencies and executives looking to expand the outreach of their businesses are bound to benefit from this event. However, if your interest is purely in programmatic advertising, this event might be the most optional position on our list.

The agenda for 2022 is set to be announced in spring this year. Moz customers, however, are already able to purchase the early bird tickets.

What? MozCon
When? July 11th – 13th
Where? Seattle
Programmatic Summit 2022

Programmatic Summit Melbourne/Sydney

Marketing professionals from down under can’t miss the Programmatic Summit created in partnership with IAB Australia. The event is aimed at digital marketing professionals from both supply and demand sides of the programmatic industry. 

There are two editions of the Programmatic Summit and while this is a large regional event, presenters are not limited to locals and the agenda tackles global marketing issues.

What? Programmatic Summit Melbourne
When? February 24th 
Where? Melbourne
What? Programmatic Summit Sydney
When? March 3rd
Where? Sydney
International Search Summit

Munich International Search Summit

The Munich International Search Summit focuses on global problems and challenges of working with search traffic. While Search engine marketing is the primary focus of this conference, search engine optimization is an area that won’t be omitted. 

The 2022 agenda is not yet fully developed, however, sessions that are already planned include the latest trends in Google Ads, SEO content clustering, and practical solutions for search marketers.

What’s more, three additional editions are in the works. Search Summit London, Global, and Barcelona are all set to return in 2022, however, details are yet to be announced.

What? Munich International Search Summit
When? March 15th
Where? Munich

UnGagged London

The UnGagged London conference is advertised as an edgy, liberating event without the sales pitches and trivial bits. It’s aimed at intermediate to professional digital marketers and offers a broad program including programmatic marketing. 

While in the previous years, Ungagged appeared in the US as well, in 2022 only the UK version has been announced so far. What’s more, there is no online coverage. The event organizers take pride in providing the attendees with practical solutions that have not yet been made common knowledge.

What? UnGagged
When? July 11th – 13th
Where? London
programmatic i/o

Programmatic I/O

Programmatic I/O is a strictly programmatic conference for both the sell-side and buy-side of the digital marketing industry. The event allows attendees to meet leading experts and decision-makers in the sphere of programmatic advertising. The two-day event is aimed at anyone operating in the new cookieless world. 

While the 2022 agenda is yet to be announced, last year’s schedule covered all the key areas of programmatic growth (e.g. privacy changes, first-party data takeover, or new forms of performance measurement).

What? Programmatic I/O
When? October 25th – 26th
Where? New York
programmatic pioneers summit

Programmatic Pioneers Summit 

The Programmatic Pioneers Summit unites programmatic and marketing leaders from all over Europe. The event includes brands, agencies, technology providers, platform providers, and anyone else operating in the programmatic space. 

With the key topics revolving around the cookieless future of digital marketing, this advertising conference provides all the strategic insights for brands planning to grow their business in 2022.

What? Programmatic Pioneers Summit
When? May 24th – 25th
Where? London


The Inbound conference is not limited to programmatic media but encompasses the whole sphere of digital marketing. Apart from the latest trends and innovations, Inbound provides the fundamentals needed to immerse yourself in the world of online, e.g. meetups allowing you to connect with peers and exchange ideas.

Hosted by Hubspot, Inbound is gearing up to organize its biggest online event in 2022. All details are yet to be announced, however, Inbound has a proven track record of delivering one of the best virtual events amongst digital marketing conferences.

What? Inbound 2022
When? TBA
Where? Online


There is no shortage of networking events available in 2022. In fact, many suspended events or online events are back to their regular in-person form. Marketers and agencies looking to discover new solutions are presented with a varied line-up with a focus on any sphere of affiliate marketing. 

2022 will be a year of making connections and discovering new solutions. 

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