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Acquire new customers before they even complete their search.

What's NewProgrammatic?

NewProgrammatic is a performance marketing platform designed to capitalize on customers’ intent and shorten their path to your brand.

Brand-Safe Advertising

Secure native placements from our publishing partners including Samsung, Xiaomi, Opera and more...

Improved Customer Experience

Direct customers to your website as soon as they start searching for your brand.

Shorter Customer Journey

Avoid the Google bidding war and capture customers before they hit the search results page.

Scalable Performance

Get access to hundreds of thousands users daily and display your ad at CPC starting from just $0.1.

Brands currently promoted with NewProgrammatic

NewProgrammatic turned out to be a great expansion tool for our media-buying activities. The traffic converts well enough to meet and surpass our clients' KPIs, and the platform itself is clear and convenient to use.

Timon Hartung


NewProgrammatic is a brand of CentralNic Poland

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Named among Europe’s fastest-growing companies by The Financial Times three years straight

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Take advantage of NewProgrammatic’s expertise and ad-serving technologies to monetize your own inventory through programmatic advertising.

  • 10+ Years of Experience in AdTech
  • Superior In-House Technology
  • Excellent Operational Efficiency

Learn how NewProgrammatic helped Vodacom launch a programmatic SMS service in South Africa.

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