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Connect with consumers during the key moments of the modern customer journey, driving incremental sales to your brand more efficiently than with other channels!

Search Engine Tiles

  • 24x ROAS
  • 3k users reached
  • 8% CR

*Example data for BFCM week ‘22

Yahoo! Mail

  • 32x ROAS
  • 11k consumers reached
  • 15% CR

*Example data for BFCM week ‘22

Buy Now Pay Later

  • 23x ROAS
  • 2k consumers reached
  • 25% CR

*Example data for BFCM week ‘22

Coupon sites

  • 56x ROAS
  • $3,000 AOV
  • 20% CR

*Example data for BFCM week ‘22

Promote your brand on premium publishing platforms only

NewProgrammatic works with top publishing partners (browsers, search engines, mobile apps & more) to drive brand safe, scalable and incremental performance to your brand with motivated and high quality audience suply.

Diversify your camaign reach with our portfolio of Demand Side Platforms

NewProgrammatic suite of advertising services also includes access to external DSPs.

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