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Deliver brand-safe and user-friendly ads to customers before they complete their search.

NewProgrammatic explained

NewProgrammatic lets you acquire customers through capitalizing on their intent. There are two ways your ad can be shown to the customer.

Before the search


  1. Browsers, search engines and keyboard apps feature Tiles underneath the search bar for a quick access to your brand’s website.
  2. Upon clicking on your brand’s tile, the customer is redirected to your brand’s website

During the search

Search Autocomplete

  1. Keyboard apps suggest websites as soon as a customer starts typing the brand’s name or a generic keyword.
  2. Your brand’s ad pops up if there’s a keyword match, and auto-completes the search.
  3. Upon clicking on the suggested link, the customer ends up on your brand’s website.

Brand and generic keywords targeting

NewProgrammatic lets you create Branded Search or Generic Keyword Search campaigns depending on your needs.

With Branded Search you can redirect users looking for your brand directly to your brand’s website.

Generic Keyword Search allows you to target both generic keywords and brand names and redirect users to relevant pages.

Need more information?

User privacy and brand-safety by design.

NewProgrammatic works with top publishing partners (browsers, search engines, BNPL solutions, mobile apps & more) to ensure brand-safety and scalable performance.

Our in-house compliance team makes sure that the traffic comes from trusted sources. Additionally, as we put consumers’ privacy first, our formats do not collect any user data.

Example Reach

North America

  • 1 million
  • 3 million


  • 16 million
  • 5 million


  • 27 million
  • 8 million


  • 6 million
  • 120 million


  • >100 million


  • 1 million
  • 3 million


  • 26 million
  • 8 million
Xiaomi – top 3 phone manufacturer in the world, no. 1 in many European and Asian countries.
Opera – 3rd most popular browser around the world.

The platform

Bring Performance to Brand Advertising

NewProgrammatic lets you easily launch, track and optimize your campaigns in real time. All from one clean dashboard.

Advanced Targeting

Narrow down your target audience to country/region/city level, and filter by device, OS or browser.

Actionable Insights

Track your campaigns’ performance down to SubID level and optimize as you go.

Fast Campaign Setup

Get your ads online within a couple of minutes thanks to the powerful, yet simple UI.

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