Do Not Sell My Personal Information

As explained in our End User Privacy Policy, with regard to the processing of End users’ Personal Information NewProgrammatic – while our customers use NewProgrammatic platform – acts as a service provider for our customers (meaning that we process end user’s personal data on behalf of our customers in order to facilitate customer’s business purposes). 

Nevertheless, our customers (publishers or advertisers) may use our technology to buy or sell (as defined by CCPA and since the definition of “sale” in CCPA is very broad; for example it includes making available a wide variety of information in exchange for “valuable consideration”) your data (IP Address, User Agent, HTTP Request Header, Device ID, Domain, Referrer Domain, Keywords) in particular in order to show interest-based advertising in apps or in websites.

Because we are firmly committed to protect privacy, we provide for you ‘DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION’ solution.

If you wish to opt out of sale, including to opt out of being tracked with desktop and mobile website environments from NewProgrammatic please click the link: DO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION.

Opting out of being tracked with desktop and mobile website environments from the NewProgrammatic platform is valid for 10 years for a web browser where the opt-out option has been set. The option can be enabled only for a particular web browser meaning that if you switch to start using other web browsers, make an update for the current version of the web browser, clear cookies, or use a browser’s incognito mode, you need to go through the opt-out procedure once more. When the opt-out option expires, you need to repeat the same procedure to turn it on again.

If you need further information please visit our End User Privacy Policy.

Please note that the right to opt-out only applies to the End users (user of an Internet connected device, such as a visitor to a website, a user of a mobile app, or a user of an IoT device, or a visitor on an advertisement, landing page, or campaign) and not to our customers. As explained in our customer Privacy Policy we do not sell Personal information of our customers. For detailed information concerning the processing of customer’s Personal information by NewProgrammatic please see our Privacy Policy.