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Take advantage of the superior in-house technology combined with 10+ years expertise in Ad Tech and monetize your inventory with NewProgrammatic.

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Some of the world’s largest brands rely on NewProgrammatic’s expertise and technology to monetize their online inventory through ad serving.

From an ad server, SSP & DSP, through header bidding or mobile pre-bid, to invalid traffic detection and filtering. Depending on your needs, NewProgrammatic can help craft and launch a custom real-time bidding solution for your brand.

  • Cut development costs and time to market.
  • Build on tried and tested (at over 1M QPS) infrastructure.
  • Save money with the lowest ad serving & data processing costs due to proprietary technology.
  • Take advantage of our extensive know-how in the Ad Tech space.
  • Who we typically work with?

    eCommerce Companies

    Example solution includes:

    • Ad serving logic & technology that allows for a competition for ad space by multiple advertisers, and thus, drive up the prices.
    • DSP – a self-serve Demand-Side Platform to set up ad campaigns with.
    • Fraud Detection and Prevention to filter out invalid clicks & visits.
    • Telecom Operators

    • B2C Mobile Applications

    • Media Companies

    • Marketing Agencies

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    Case studies

    Mobile pre-bid solution for Letgo

    Learn about the mobile pre-bid solution we implemented for Letgo - one of the world’s largest local marketplace apps.

    Download the case study

    Programmatic SMS solution for Vodacom

    See how Vodacom monetized their “Please Call Me” service in South Africa with NewProgrammatic.

    Download the case study

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